4 Av Fuels offers a complete range of quality bulk petroleum products from a major Canadian refiner. These include:


  • Regular
  • Premium
  • Marked


  • ULSD
  • CP43
  • Marked
  • Biodiesel


  • Jet A1
  • Jet A1 Aerojet
  • Avgas

We are highly experienced bulk fuel sales professionals who take the time to understand, meet and exceed the needs of our customers. Our volume purchasing power translates into highly competitive pricing for all our clients. This, along with our service excellence, makes us a leader in the industry and a valued asset to our customers in Manitoba, Saskatchewan.

In addition to providing superior service, we focus on maximizing efficiency and ensuring the highest safety standards.

All forms of petroleum products are available for purchase in bulk or in drums. We deliver year round via ground (including over winter roads). We can take care of all your logistics,